Sing "Yesterday" For Me: Volume 3 is the third installment tankōbon of the Japanese manga series by Kei Toume.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Summer is over. Kinoshita's little sister, Takako, enters Nico2 Mart, hounding her brother about a soundtrack for a film she's working on at school. She invites Rikuo to watch her club film in the park. Watching them film reminds Rikuo of how he believes photography is inferior to film when capturing human emotion.

Rikuo is coerced by his friend, Fukada, to work at a new gallery and help them set up. One of the workers at the gallery and Rikuo talk about what they like to take photos of, and the worker tells Rikuo of how he loves to take photos of people. He suggests that Rikuo should enter a photography competition the gallery will be holding. This shifts Rikuo's perspective a bit, so he challenges himself to take photos of people.

Takako gets suspended from school for taking up a job at the Milk Hall. She took the risk in order to further fund the film club, she really wanted to do something nice for the film director, Fukamachi. Haru and Shinako take this up to the heads of the school, demanding a repeal of Takako's suspension.

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